El Firsto - 05/05/2012

So, I drive an '85 GMC diesel Suburban around with the family. It's great, it's easy to get people in and out of, but it's hard to park and I'm the only one who can drive it since other people are scared of it. So I have been looking out for a 4 door smog exempt car to cruise around with the family that isn't so huge or unwieldly to park and turn. And then I found this up in Fairfield... Made a pretty decent deal and drove it the entire 95 miles home without issue (that's a good sign for me, buying a car I can drive home!).

Front end. White 4 door. T3 headlights still present and functional.

Rear view.

It has a 400! 143 heads with AC compressor still hooked up! With A.I.R. (bleh). Best part? Power brakes, even if they are drums...

That alternator belt looks to be factory original and is missing chunks out of it. Amusingly enough I drove it home 95 miles with one of the distributor clamps completely undone and the distributor hanging halfway off.

Rear of car with previous owner in view (in case we need to litigate! ;-) ).

Trunk with free carpeting! And 3 spare jacks... don't ask me why since you know, there's no spare tire... And a bottle of power steering fluid for a Honda Civic... again don't ask me why.

The trunk wiring harness is special... Parts store crap replacement sockets and a combination of wire nuts and electrical tape to hold it all together...

Very nice interior! Another first for me! The driver's side door handles are both broken (luckily easily replaced from Ames). The original AM stereo deck actually works too, but the rear speaker is missing (harness for it left mostly intact).

Even has a nice back seat interior.

Not too bad. Drove home without any pinging or issues. AC buttons don't function properly and there is a pretty annoying exhaust leak. The gas gauge doesn't work either, reads full all of the time and with my luck it's probably in the tank. Brakes are soft too and the fluid is rank. I'm thinking a Scarebird disc brake conversion is in this car's future once I get it registered and insured.

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Last updated May 5th, 2012