Adios Amigo! - 12/20/2007

Well, the wagon served me well. Got me 3500 miles with virtually no problems and only routine maintenance. But all good things have to end. Lisa had our first kid and honestly, this thing is just a little too ratty to drive him around in. It needs AC and most of the interior fixed, which is expensive to do with a new baby. So I advertised this car to see if anyone was interested. Rich from Sacramento was the only one to ever call me on it, and he paid the asking price (more than I had into it) so now the car is his. It is going to be delivered to Jon Fiedler for a 428 transplant and then head up the coast to Sacramento. It was a good car and fun, but something a little nicer is needed, especially when the wife doesn't like the car and hates to ride around in it. That just kills a car like this.

So, I've done my good civic deed. I took a crusher bound car, fixed it up, drove it and enjoyed it, and then sold it to someone who will take care of it for more money than it cost me to do so (very American Way). If I could turn profit on all of my projects, I'd almost consider doing this for a living (note the *almost* part).

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Last updated December 20th, 2007