Brake Light Repair - 03/22/2007

Craig drove this car for 2.5 months and 1400 miles when he moved out before his wife arrived with a car. During that time some of the brake lights decided to stop working. 3 out of 4 lights out == VERY BAD. I decided to fix this once and for all.

One of the tabs is busted out and the housings and clips are just worn out on the rest of them. Not the best design for longevity, especially when the car is used up and abused over the years.

Yup. Adding grounding wires to the clips. Force the ground to the housing as opposed to just hoping the sockets stay put. They do... but after one or two good bumps you lose them. Quite annoying. Everything is soldered in to ensure a good corrosion as free connection as possible.

Do the other side for good measure, the passenger side wasn't as badly wallowed out compared to the driver's.

Yay. All put back together and now we have lights!

Easy fix. Should hold up a long time. I shudder to think of the amount I would have been charged by a shop to do this. I'd rather re-use the old "good" sockets rather than track down originals that weren't screwed with (for a '67 wagon? Good luck). The generic replacements at the parts stores are not the same as these (not to mention they aren't the best of quality either) so that was out.

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Last updated March 22nd, 2007