Disc Brake Conversion, Part 2 - 04/08/2006

Continuing the saga for disc brakes, the master cylinder needed to be fixed (since it's stuck). A rebuilt one was located for $18 at the local CarQuest, but it's merely a spare for now. I want to reuse the original factory one since I am pretty sure it's never been apart before and definitely never been through the monkey rebuild factories yet. Finding a rebuild kit or new master cylinder would be more difficult than I thought...

The ONLY rebuild kit for these in San Diego. No UPC. So that means it's quite old. Been sitting on the shelf for a while. $28! They also had a brand new master cylinder! $85! I at least know where one is if I need it (and no I'm not telling).

The parts aren't in that bad of shape, but they are almost 40 years old...

The master cylinder. Note the 4 little passages. All need to be free of debris (like pepper tree flowers).

The master cylinder cleans up nicely.

WHILE WE'RE HERE... Let's fix the transmission pan leak! That stupid Mr Gasket piece of crap leaks like no tomorrow. Makes a nice mess of the street and my driveway.

Been here before...

Can't do a tranny fluid change without spilling a ton of fluid!

Kitty litter makes it all better.

The transmission shifts much better now that it has fluid and keeps it. The o-ring that seals the dipstick is dry rotted and the tab to hold it to the block broke off sometime in the distant past. Finding another is going to prove a challenge, but I'm up to it! All it needs is that little bit to cease leaking fluid FOREVER! Or at least until the next thing goes wrong.

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Last updated April 8th, 2006