First Pictures - 09/02/2005

1967 Catalina Wagon. Originally a 400 2bbl car with AC, power rear tailgate, manual antenna, and AM radio. The 400 2bbl is long gone (some idiot needed to put it in his Lemans) and the AC is mostly gone (I can hear it now... "Gee Billy Bob, who needs a cool ride? Getting rid of all that AC junk will definitely make it fast!")

I need love

Front end.

I'm not dead yet!

Driver's door.

I'm useful! My seats fold down!

Back driver's side door (bonus parts in the back).

I'm only slightly dinged in the rear!

Driver's rear quarter (slight tweak in back near tail light, slightly bondo-ed up).

Act now and Super Stealth Tow Hitch (with trailer light hookup) included!

Rear hatch. Power window still works. Missing tail light is in way-back area (good thing, these are 1-year only pieces..).

My 2nd previous owner thought these would fit his Lemans

Passenger side door (back seat folds down!). Radiator, shroud, exhaust manifolds and springs for a truck are in the back.

I have vent windows!

Passenger side compartment. All chrome inside is actually in very good shape. Glovebox door is the only part that is beat on the dash. Original AM radio still intact. Dig the manual antenna on a 1967 car...

Leather wrapped steering wheel!

Driver's area. Only has lap belts, but '67 had optional shoulder belts available, and this car appears to have the bosses drilled for them, so adding them shouldn't be too hard (finding may be another story).

The emblems still say Catalina!

Passenger fender (no dents, no rust, no tweaks anywhere on this car except for near the gas door).

I'm not broken!

Windshield still in place.

Help! I'm arachnophobic!

I would say it looks empty, but that's a lie. Lots of spiders have made their nests here. Nothing a good power wash won't take care of.

Running on 5 cylinders makes a good transplant to a clapped out Lemans, right?

Hmmm... probably ought to get a motor in here

No motor, but everything else! All courtesy of Steve! Steve bought this car 5 years ago and has tried unsuccessfully to eBay it, sell it, restore it, and crush it, but always felt like it needed to be saved. Original California black plate car, so the body is in amazing shape even though it looks worn on the inside (nicer than most Trans Ams I've looked at). Steve says all this can be mine for a low low price. I'm transplanting a 350 2bbl motor. Underpowered? Maybe, but moving on it's own power is a good thing! I've looked for one of these for a long time, and I saw it sitting in Steve's yard (where it may look like it's been for years, but really has only been in this spot for about 3 weeks). I just had to make an offer on it and see if he would let me do the honors of driving this proud land yatch around. Constant bugging (sort of) made him give in (well, actually Lisa inquiring about if he wanted to sell it to shut me up probably helped the most).

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Last updated September 2nd, 2005