The Home Stretch - 10/26/2005

Steve put some more finishing touches on the car today!

Painted power steering pump.

Power steering bracket is painted.

Homemade throttle bracket since we don't have the original (but one from a '65 is on order).

Power steering pump is installed with new generic hoses (only require slight modifications to fit).

It looks so clean compared to that dirty alternator.

El cheapo flex fan in place of broken clutch fan. Moves air and actually keeps it cool! The used radiator cap is going to be replaced with a recovery system version and a recovery bottle added.

Painted radiator support. Hillbillies and rednecks lean on this with all their weight, so it's good that it is strong. Air cleaner has a stud to to hold it down now. Ghetto wiring job to be fixed.

Steve says it runs smoothly and has no issues driving now. He drove it down to the gas station to put $15 in the tank. A few bulbs in the dash are burned out, but it should be no problem to replace those. Now we need to go to the DMV and get it registered (NOT looking forward to that check).

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Last updated October 26th, 2005