Miscellaneous Stuff - 11/20/2005

Yay! More work got done today! I changed the glove box door out. It looks REALLY nice on there now.

Fun! Disintegrated woodgrain!

Original station wagon sticker. Replacement doesn't come from one, so it's probably going to cost me points on judging...

Old door removed. Glovebox itself is not in great shape either, so it could stand to be replaced.

Much better!

Mirror mounting and pad.

Mirror installed!

I put the second mirror on... but I can't get it to adjust enough for me to see anything on the side of the car. So the holes are probably not drilled in the right spot. The service manuals don't make any kind of mention of what it should be, so it's going to be interesting to see what I can come up with. I cleaned out all of the parts and boxes out of it and it is starting to look pretty nice. I found the seat adjustment mechanism and managed to push the seat back another 2-3" so now I REALLY have room to stand on that brake pedal. Much easier to get in and out of as well.

Signs of factory manual brakes... rubber brake pedal...

Maplight works!

Glovebox light works too.

Drove the car around tonight to the store and back. It idles and starts GREAT with the choke. Tap pedal, turn key and it idles at fast light it should (whodathunkit?). After all those years of fighting with the choke in the Lemans, it's nice to see what it runs like when someone who knows what the hell they are doing works on it. Once the choke is off, it idles a tad too low (lights go dim and it sounds like it's almost going to stall in gear but never does). Probably could use a bump up a bit. You were right, lots of lights out in the dash. At least the main speedometer light is still good. The license plate light is also out, that's going to need to be fixed as well. I hopefully fixed the turn signal problem. The metal tabs were sticking up too much and dislocating from the metal. So I bent them back down and cleaned a ton of corrosion off of the housings and tabs. I drove around for 30 minutes over bumps, up hills, down hills, sudden stops, etc and it didn't dislodge, so maybe my troubles are over (if there's any reason to get pulled over, out brake\turn\license lights are them).

Tranny pan leaks. I parked at a slight angle and it didn't gush, but it definitely leaked a bit. The bolts were pretty loose (barely finger tight) so I snugged them up a bit. It was still dripping a tiny bit before I drove it today, I'll check it in the morning and see if I didn't get it all. Something was leaking down the side of the tire too. It looks like transmission fluid, so I'm assuming it's probably just power steering fluid that got tossed everywhere finally finding it's way down and out of nooks and crannies where it was hiding. Still things to watch for.

Yay! Things finally seem to be calming down.

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Last updated November 20th, 2005