Seatbelt Install - 12/10/2005

Not having shoulder belts makes me nervous. I don't want to rely on the steering column to absorb a blow, I'd rather just not hit it. Need a shoulder belt to restrict that! A set was located in Canada and purchased for $50USD. Money well spent in my opinion.

Gotta remove the floor bolt. This is the same bolt for lap belts and shoulder combos. The middle belt combo requires a bolt that is approximately 1/2" longer according to the body manual.

New belt threaded through.

Belts are mounted!

The mounting holes were drilled an tapped from the factory, so that is a good thing. No headliner in this car (the 7 bows were included, they vibrate like crazy so they were removed). A new headliner is not terribly expensive according to Ames.

New belt bolted in place.

Completely attached.

Other side installed. Note the two different bolts compared to the previous one. These came from the same car, so I have no idea which is original or correct. Won't see it once the plastic cap is put on anyway.

Clips installed to keep the belt out of the way when not in use.

Clips hold belt and also have the bonus of holding up the headliner sound deadener!

Note the belts are different colors. One would assume that matching colors would be a good thing, but I personally like having two different colors. This ensures that you won't ever mix and match since the shoulder is a different color than the lap. Helps to avoid having to readjust each time you get in the car...

Since the light doesn't turn off when the door is closed, it needs to be fixed. Analysis lead to the driver's side door not pushing the switch in all the way. Not wanting to have to buy a new switch right away, a rubber tube is placed on the switch to give it more closing room.

And it works! This light is quite dim. Very strange, but the car and bulb are quite old. May just need to be replaced and re-run the ground wire.

Yay! The car is safer than before and has a new bonus feature! The dash lights and stereo are going to require removing the AC ductwork and likely the front seat. It's quite cramped under the dash, especially with the seat in the way.

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Last updated December 10th, 2005