Tire Update - 10/15/2005

Well, lots has happened since the last update.

Motor is in. Missing the muffler and exhaust pipe...

Exhaust pipe. Still in good shape, lots of oil crud on it (old motor must have leaked like crazy).

Old muffler and tail pipe.

Seen better days it has...

How it was mounted back when it was ghetto fabulous.

The y-pipe from the motor.

The world's worst bolt on the entire car.

New transmission mount. Not perfect, had to work the holes...

Here's why. The holes are offset from each other. The metal here is in great shape, the rubber is just gone. If the rubber could be replaced, the mount could be re-used. Might be worth it since this part isn't reproduced...

Old ratty drum removed.

New Chinese drum installed.

New tire to contrast the old trashy one.

All on one side!

All on the other. Buick ralley rims from '71, but they fit nicely with 225-75R15s on it (any bigger and we might have rubbed a bit on that front fender). $225 for the entire set mounted and balanced!

Stance is not bad. Sits a little high in the front, but most cars do.

Front wheel installed.

The engine installed!

The throttle linkage we need to mount.

The car is almost there... so close I can taste it. Gear shifter goes into all gears, just need to run it and see what it does once we get the rest hooked up...

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Last updated October 15th, 2005