Choke Adjustments - 10/31/2015

This car has never had a properly adjusted choke setup. Starting in Arizona and California is no big deal with a choke that isn't adjusted correctly and always off, just pump it a few more times and feather the throttle for 45s or so and you're good. In the cold weather that we get here, that's not much of an option as it will take many pumps and lots of feathering for 3-4 minutes to get it to run right, plus it will want to die at stoplights. So it's time to dig in and find out why the choke doesn't function.

Carburetor is a '72 Pontiac 455 model, looks pretty grimy and gooey so who knows what is inside. There's also some weirdness going on with the vacuum lines, like the power brake booster being hooked into the driver's side PCV runner and only hooking up the passenger side runner to the PCV (majorly leans out one cylinder bank if you do that). We'll fix that later. Carb also looks like it may be dripping a little. Probably will call Cliff and get some parts to set this up right once I sort it out more.

Divorced choke is removed. As you can see, it's bent up pretty badly and was put in backwards. I straightened the entire assembly out in an attempt to fix it.

One big thing is the primary throttle tangs are bent. They won't open the choke at wide open throttle and they don't set the choke properly.

Another '72 455 carb for reference on how it's supposed to function.

All cleaned up and all of the tangs are bent back to where they are supposed to be.

Put it all back together and it actually chokes like it's supposed to. Fires right up too. Had some slight hesitation due to flooding that I caused, but a few more tweaks should get it set perfectly. The fast idle screw was completely backed off so it did nothing as well.

Unfortunately I received a call from the control room right as I was cleaning up this part and starting to move on, so I didn't get anywhere near as much done today as I wanted.

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Last updated October 31st, 2015