Cleaning Day - 12/14/2014

My favorite part of a new-to-me vehicle: cleaning it out and finding out what's inside! Gotta start somewhere, this is where I almost always start on a car because that way I can get any trash or dirt out and take inventory of spare parts and what I'll need to be tracking down.

Here we go! The beginning of an adventure.

The way back. Original Catalina\Bonneville style headlight buckets and front bumper among other bits and pieces of trim.

The back seat area.

Front seat area stuff.

After removing everything... there's a set of Pioneer speakers here! Velcro'd to the back seat area...

Cleaned out! Now to the trunk...

Hey! A spare tire!

Spare 8-lug wheel. These are amazingly light and easy to carry.

Oh look at that! Another spare tire!

The first round of easy to see stuff has been removed. Tons of engine bolts, trim screws, a few light bulbs, and extra tools.

Trunk lid has seen better days. Fortunately there was another one included in the car that is in much better shape.

After removal of everything of value... lots of dirt and trash.

I can't easily see out the back, so I decided to start stripping the window tinting off the car. This is the result of an hour of scraping.

Another 45 minutes of scraping removes all of driver's window and vent window tint. Glue remains, but comes off easily with Windex.

Rolled the window down and to my surprise it fell off. So now I get to fix it...

Remove all trim and door panel to get window out.

And the window is removed. You can see that the window regulator mount that snaps on to the glass has come off. When I investigated this inside the door, the window regulator is broken. And the regulator glass mount is ALSO broken and bent, so this window will never stick together again. That was fun to find out, so I'm on the look for a driver's side rear post window glass. Good luck to me, right?

Fortunately I'm able to fake it enough so that the window glass won't go anywhere. A side benefit to a post car, once the glass is up and the regulator is prevented from being lowered (I removed the crank) it will not go anywhere. Driver's window is super clean now too.

Another afternoon of scraping awaits. The other side I didn't get to today.

Back seat is revealed for the first time. Sad shape, but we knew that.

Trunk is all cleaned and vacuumed out. I pulled out an entire 40 gallon trash can worth of junk.

And all kinds of stuff was inside! Some useful, some not so much...

Well that was a good start. Cleaned out, now I can drive it around without hearing rattles and vibrations from all that extra weight. Need to get the choke sorted out as the rod does not seem to be the correct one. I have a spare '69 one, might look into it.

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Last updated December 14th, 2014