Tuning - Part 2 - 11/14/2015

Time to put it all back together...

Upper head assembly is put back together.

Not the best picture, but test fitting the assembly without the lower shift cover in place to see how it all goes together. There are slots here that guide the plate on, and then once fully seated you rotate the head clockwise to latch it in place.

More adjustments and fitting. It's kind of confusing and easy to see why GM stopped using this design.

Everything slid on, but not far enough down to get the wave & thrust washer and c-clip on. The service manual specifically says to put the column back in place with all of its brackets on, assemble upper head and lock it in, and then take the brackets off again to lower the column and route the wires. Lots of steps. The steering shaft in the column will freely move around in and out if you don't have the column bolted in place.

Braces are installed and bolted up, turn signal wires are routed.

Oops. Forgot to seat it fully and rotate.

And it's all finished.

Unfortunately, the plastic gave out on the turn signal switch while I was testing it. It's to be expected, it is almost 50 years old now. I'm going to have to track down a new switch as this one is not ready for service in the real world. Arizona cars, great for sheet metal, hard on everything else.

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Last updated November 14th, 2015