Tuning - Part 3 - 01/07/2016

Well... here we are. Almost 2 months later. I bought the switch but between family obligations, the super flu, and the holidays, I had zero time to do anything to the car. Then I got some time, but it got cold. It was 23F out when I started working.

Heat is a wonderful thing!

New switch, sticker and box even say Made In USA. It's definitely a quality piece.

Comparing the two, there's an extra wire on the new one that is grey. This is for the shift indicator that A-bodies used (pay attention to how it's routed, that comes into play later).

Testing the assembly.

And after putting it all together, fighting it for an hour, and finally succeeding, the brake lights do not work and to make matters worse, they pop the fuse and start a mini fire in the fuse box. Not good. Pull apart the column and find that the brake light wire was crushed and shorted to the column.

A little electrical tape is applied and wrapped in several layers to solve the problem. The routing is examined how it was for why it's binding.

AND the culprit is here. This is the proper routing. Use the plastic clip to hold the harness under the bearing assembly. The old turn signal switch's clip was broken and therefor it didn't appear to be done that way there...

The correct way to assemble the switch in the upper housing.

And it just drops right in with zero effort...

And all done! Ready to drive now that all of the lights work.

I guess the old adage is true: if you have to work it hard and force it, step back and figure out what's wrong. It wasn't designed to require a breaker bar to put it on...

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Last updated January 7th, 2016