Weatherstripping - 10/29/2015

Leaking cars are annoying. Personal pet peeve and all that. This car leaks so much water it had to go in the garage to keep from rotting away. The weatherstripping on this car was pretty far gone, it wasn't exactly fair to call it "rubber" anymore. It was more like dried plastic and dirt. New weatherstripping is the perfect solution.

Steele Rubber to the rescue once again. Their stuff is as correct and pliable as it gets without resorting to tracking down 45+ year old NOS parts.

Driver's side rear door is our beginning. It falls right off because it's mostly just dried husks with numerous chunks missing.

Everything underneath was pretty nicely actually. Holes for the pins are cleaned out a little bit.

A big pile of dirt will need to be cleaned up.

Once the old is all removed and cleaned up, the new goes on pretty easily. Tight quarters due to a loaded garage.

Passenger rear door gets finished quickly too.

An interesting note is the front door has a metal clip that attaches to the rubber via 2 sharp prongs and screws down to the door. This is also how you can easily tell the driver's and passenger's side...

Driver's door is almost always the worst and this is no exception.

Strangely enough, there's 3 different shades of blue here plus the gold. When you rub the top gold layer off you reveal the darker blue. So it looks like this door was replaced in the past. It was originally painted Fathom Blue, then Gulf Turquoise, then oversprayed Signet Gold to match the rest of the car, then Tyrol Blue when the previous owner painted it 15+ years ago. Automotive archaeology!

The driver's side where the screw and metal goes was missing and covered in dirt.

And the clip is not exactly aligned correctly. Fortunately it's easy to move it where it needs to go!

Aligned by moving it up slightly and using a screw from the screw pile.

That's pretty much it. Less than 2 hours of work. All of the doors require effort to close now and there are no more rattles or door movement. The door bumpers are all missing and I ordered a sample of each to verify the size before I order a full set (the '73 needs one too).

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Last updated October 29th, 2015