First Pictures - 04/28/2017

I really like the '67-68 body style. Personally first love is the '67. The '67 I had was junk though and it made me angry to look at it. Moe offered to buy it and do a trade on this car as part of the deal. Since I like cars that aren't complete junk, I was totally down with the idea.

I like the profile.

Not much to hate at all here. It's a great solid car from Santa Monica, California via Washington.

It's even stored indoors!

Some effort required to reach it obviously.

Poor car is used as a shelf, but it's solid and available so it's not like I'd not do the same thing.

I love black interiors. I also like power windows that this car has.

Back seat is nice.

Nice and straight.

Lots of parts stored in the back, because wagons are good for that.

Engine compartment is missing an engine and tranny. Good thing I have one for it. Was a 428 car, will be getting a 455.

The suspension is clear coated to avoid rust.

Now I just need to get an engine delivered and installed so I can get it home!

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