Dash & Firewall Restoration - Part 10 - 03/01/2015

Finishing more work. Time to get the rear speakers installed and get the little bits of things done, like installing the inner fenders, putting tires on, re-connecting the emergency brake, and that fun stuff.

Well... go figure. Some moron cut the package tray sheet metal for a giant thumpin' stereo install at one time. The extra holes they made are large, I'm not even sure what larger rectangle speakers they make after 6x9.

They did both sides. Fortunately they left enough metal that I can fake mount everything pretty well. The factory holes for 6x9 had 4 slots that you can run screws and washers through, this car has 3 of 4 on the passenger side and 2 of 4 on the driver's side. Creative washer and #10 screw placement should make this happen.

After straightening all of the metal out, the speaker is mounted with 3 screws. The rubber speaker housing up top provides a nice insulation and the screws with lock washers and larger washers from above are going to keep the speaker from going anywhere or vibrating loose. It doesn't even wiggle now that it's tied down.

Driver's side is done as well. Required a bit more creativity but it hasn't come loose despite me tugging and prying once I tightened everything down. Last thing left here is to run the speaker wires, but that's a job for another day as I've got quite a bit of garage space to reclaim.

Driver's side inner fender goes back in. Half the hardware wasn't present...

These brackets weren't aligned properly and required a bit of tweaking to get everything to line up properly and mount down. Now the fender and front end don't wobble in the breeze!

Looking good from up top.

Battery tray is installed. I replaced the generic junk bolts and nuts that the previous owner used with correct-ish hardware that came from a B-body.

Engine compartment is done! I took advantage of everything being apart and re-aligned the front fenders and doors. The doors had been scraping ever so slightly and the hood did not open properly when I got it. I loosened the top fender mounts on the passenger side and it popped out! After applying spare shims in the proper place the gaps are much better, doors open and close without issue, and the hood opens right up and closes down without scratching or catching on the fenders. Not that hard to do right... but why bother eh?

Well, it's looking more and more like a complete car! I torqued the wheels down upon dropping the car off of the jack stands because to forget that would be a disaster. I also put the parking brake back together, need to verify it is adjusted properly though as it feels a little loose until 1/2 way down the travel. Only things left to do on interior is rear speaker wiring, glove box install, paint steering column, and reinstall steering wheel. Another afternoon or so of work and it will be done.

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Last updated March 1st, 2015