Dash Insert Plate - 06/13/2014

In a previous update it was noted that the wiper switch studs had broken off. Never one to let something stay broken, I set about researching how to fix it. Ames & Performance Years both offer a replacement plate, so I took the plunge and got it in.

Nice and shiny!

Still shiny! Note that the plate does not have the ribs on it like the originals and uses a vinyl decal to cover the shiny plastic.

Of course it didn't go on perfect on the smaller piece, but the bigger piece went on pretty well with a little coaxing and repositioning. Some guys use a soapy water mix to let it slide and squeegee it out or let it air dry for a day or two, but I'm not that patient nor will anyone but me notice once it's in the car.

Speed nuts that cut into the plastic to hold the plate and wiper switch down. Notice they aren't straight on either.

Remove the headlight switch and the wiper switch and pull the old plate off. The metal pieces behind the middle round hole are the 2 ground straps for the cluster and dash and by association the wiper switch as well.

Plate is in and held in place by the light switch! Oh joy how the light bezel covered the imperfections in the stcker.

Wiper switch installed and tightened down. Not exactly the easiest thing to do here, requires being a contortionist which I fortunately still am.

Plate is all in and finished on this side (the hard side). Looks pretty nice.

Removed the old radio side plate that someone drilled a bunch of holes in. Might be able to use a washer to help secure a radio in that left slot... The 3 rectangular switches on the left are for convertible top, rear window defogger, radio reverb, and power locks (you could get 3 of 4 apparently).

Cigarette lighter doesn't exactly look correct for this year car, it's too shiny and new. Almost looks like someone just went to AutoZone and bought a generic replacement. The bullet connector and ground are not correct so it can't be hooked into the harness and function. Of interest is someone spray painted the dash red at one time?

Plate goes in nicely! Only the cigarette lighter holds it on, the other speed nut on the left side is missing and I haven't found another (haven't really looked in the stash either).

Bunch of junk. Can't believe someone would spray paint this stuff red, then black over top of that. Also they are quite broken and chipped, this car led a rough 45 years.

All done! Almost looks too nice for the rest of the dash... We're really jazzing this car up.

Not too bad! Wiper switch stays in place and even better, it works and doesn't screw up the dash grounds! The wiper motor doesn't always want to turn off though, it would appear the park mechanism is flaky or the ground to the switch\motor combo is suspect. More work for the future!

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Last updated June 13th, 2014