Quality Of Life Fixes - 03/12/2015

Fixing things that improve quality of life may seem silly to some, but to me it's one of those things I just like doing. Makes everything better when all the little things that may or may not matter all the time are fixed and working as they should. I'm not a stickler for "factory correct" and date codes, but sometimes it's nice to just put things as they were delivered.

Starting out by adding the washer fluid jug. The screws that were in place blew the holes out considerably bigger than factory, which is annoying but at least everything fits.

Cap, filter, and hoses are added to make the pickup for the washer fluid.

In my B-body stash from parting out the '72, I found these clips. They hold the AC\heater wiring and vacuum lines on that body, I repurposed them to hold the blower wire and the washer fluid reservoir. Now neither will go anywhere!

Washer pump, wiper motor, and hoses are all installed. The wiper motor is from the '72 and is in great shape, the washer pump is from the '69 and works beautifully once I replaced the o-rings and nozzles with the one from the '72 ('72 original style pump is seized, I lubed it up to free it but it still sticks). The original style rube-goldberg contraption of the washer pump is neat to see in action, and it works pretty well. Nozzle hoses are added to get the fluid to spray. The wiper motor needed replacing because the circuit board wiring inside on the '69 was cracked and broken. I can fix it, but it was easier to swap a working one in and fix it later.

Steering column and carpet cover plate is added. Naturally once again the new firewall insulation did not have the left-most hole cut out, so I had to add it. Pretty simple. This plate keeps the carpet from wanting to move and protects the headlight, brake light, and parking brake cable from getting caught in your feet.

The steering column has its own plate to cover up the gap. Added it here too. Runs in steering column only show up with flash, which will bug me but life goes on for now...

While I'm on a roll, time to fix the 2 bad passenger side lights. Marker and right most parking light now work.

Sketchy. The trunk harness really should be replaced. The ground wire I added the lugs to and solved the marker problem. The excess wire on the marker light I didn't notice right away but is someone's idea of a fix. I fixed the brown wire for the light by opening the crimp, removing the excess wire, and using a strong pair of needle nose to re-crimp it. As I said, sketchy but it works. Until I can replace the harness one day.

Passenger side running lights are now fixed. Front light had water corrosion damage that was scraped off and dielectric grease applied.

Side marker light fell apart, so it's being epoxied back together overnight. I scraped 1/8" of paint off of it, the bozos who painted the car laid it on SUPER thick rather than do it right and remove the marker light...

And that's all she wrote. Everything is now fixed on the car and it's ready for operation! Last thing left to do is accumulate miles...

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Last updated March 12th, 2015