Weatherstripping - Part 2 - 03/10/2015

Time to finish the job. I know what happened on the passenger side and how well it went, so this shouldn't be too much trouble.

What we're working with here.

Chunks are missing!

This took longer to get out than it should have... A ton of overspray everywhere from when the car was painted.

The weatherstripping channel is in great shape. I had to fish out the stupid end that slid down the rear quarter panel part. I think part of it fell in, not going anywhere so down in the bottom it shall stay!

Weatherstripping fed in. This is the easy part.

Slides right on in!

Door glass nice and sealed up front.

And sealed really well in the back. No water leaks or road noise now!

Door weatherstripping has a ton of overspray and is completely dry rotted as well.

All cracked and brittle.

Someone actually cared on this side of the car for disassembly. They didn't blow out the 4 screw holes at the bottom and saved the water shield. Remote mirror is broken though.

New rubber tacked down in place.

Slight bunching in this area, will probably settle down once it's compressed. This was the only place the factory glue was applied that I can tell.

Door all back together and it shuts and seals great.

Finished another item off the list! I sat in the car to test it out and it was so quiet and nice, it will be great to drive on the road. Should be next to no road noise. Everyone complains about Soffseal being too hard, but so far the fit seems great. It isn't easy to just lightly tap the door closed, requires a little oomph, but it isn't THAT hard. A few weeks\months and some hot weather should make it just fine.

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Last updated March 10th, 2015