Rust Never Sleeps - 05/30/2013

On a hard drive a few months back I ended up losing the engine due to severe blowby. Investigations revealed 3 dead cylinders, probably rings. And then came no oil pressure, probably the rods giving out. I put the car on ice for a while. After relocating to a new house, I finally had some time to work on the car some more. During the drive over I noticed some moisture on the roof. Fearing for the worst I decided it was time to strip the roof off the car...

Peeling back the layers reveals a horrid sight...

...that is not for the squeamish. The roof is toast. As in no more. Even fiberglass and some POR-15 won't save me here. Cutting and grafting a new roof is all I can look forward to here. But unfortunately it's a 4 door roof and no one locally has one and none of the body shops I contacted will even think about touching this job. So the car is now junk over a $50 option someone checked off when it was new. Oh well. I'd persevere on, but when the engine is bad, it's hard to find motivation to do so.

But my Livermore connection made me an offer I can't refuse. He wants the rear, entire front end for trim and brakes\suspension, and 455 block. I get to keep the top end, radiator, harness, gauges, and any 4 door specific parts I want like power windows, etc. So in the end the parts from this car will go on to help another live.

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Last updated May 30th, 2013