Seat Work - Part 1 - 02/24/2013

With the floor fixed, time to tackle the front seat. The motor hums away, but doesn't actually move. So something is going on underneath. At this time it would also be wise to install some carpet and tear out the nastiness in the back seat and replace the front seat belts since they don't work. My Illinois connection Ted showed me pictures of how the seat works and what to look for, so I've got an idea how to proceed.

A Lisle tool for adjusting carburetors. Essentially a screw driver that will flex in different directions, meaning I can get a tool inside and adjust the seat from up front.

And this is how we do it! Used a square bit, removed the red connection to control the front up\down adjuster, then raised the seat all the way up with the tool. This gave me clearance to reach the black adjuster, which is the front to back movement. Can't reach the blue, which is the back up\down adjuster. Do both sides for the red, then do the black ones alternating side to side. Pull the seat forward, remove the back seat track mounting bolts.

In a twist of irony, neither side had the bolts in place...

Passenger side bolts removed.

And seat is out! I stripped the 3 layers of recovered material that a shop did a VERY poor job on.

Seat upside down to expose the motor and transmission assembly.

Transmission assembly removed. It was opened and actually is in pretty nice shape. Everything works, just needs new lube to the gears. The black rubber junction to the motor is stripped, hence the motor moves great, but the transmission assembly doesn't move unless there is zero load on it. Gonna have to track another one down.

The mess left underneath the seat when it was removed. A broken lock cylinder, some AutoZone receipts, and a key!

Red house carpet... and modern jute padding. Obviously not original.

Oh man. Duct tape, sheet metal screws, and wood glue was used to hold this mess down. It hid the worlds biggest spider underneath too...

And the sill plate was glued down with the carpet. Both sides. What a bunch of morons.

All cleaned up. All sheet metal screws removed, nastiness removed. A shop did this work... they labeled everything with a black magic marker.

Woohoo! Carpet installed! Yeah, it's green and from a 2 door, which means it isn't perfect but it's 100X better than what WAS there. And it has correct backing and insulation.

Wow! It's almost like a new car! It's got carpet and the seat isn't too horrible now. I didn't put the back bolts in, I'm such a rebel!

Busy day, but I did find out what the problem was. Still need to re-do the transmission assembly and find that rubber coupler. And I cleaned up the interior quite a bit and classed the car up, so I win! Hard to imagine someone paid a "professional" shop money for this install. Whoever did it... your work SUCKS.

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Last updated February 24th, 2013