Work Round 1 - 07/11/2012

So I decided to take the engine apart and see if it was any good, along with determining exactly what to do with it. This occurred over several days, I've just been very lazy about updating.

Pink engine stand makes for awesome work area.

First cylinder head removed, a little grimy below but not too bad.

This is how we work when we have a bad back: creatively!

A little scrubbing reveals the pistons are 0.040 over.

The other head is removed. So far we're looking at very little ridge on any of the cylinders, very decent shape and it did make compression before the heads went off...

Eww. This is why you don't run straight water in your car and let it sit. It rusts everything out! Water pump had seized and the divider plate was eaten through in several places (it would have run super hot as is).

Freeze plugs are weeping...

A 1970 model year 455, cast October 17 of 1969.

Gooey oil pan removed, windage tray revealed below.

Someone put a gear drive unit in place of a timing chain. That would have been whiny!

Bottom end is revealed and bearings are removed one at a time.

A little bit of pitting in 2 of the bearings but none down to copper. Might end up just replacing them all anyways. Part number indicates they are all standard bearings (caliper will verify that out).

Yeah that's gooey... Need to fix that.

Punched out the freeze plugs revealing all sorts of nastiness in the cooling passages. Spent almost 3 hours blowing and knocking all of this junk out of the block. Should be in much better shape now.

Checking valve seals. Over an hour and no leaks indicates the valve seals are good.

Time to rebuild these heads! The heads are going to be clearanced for 1.65 rockers just in case and a nice deep clean of everything to make it nice and shiny and ready to bolt back on.

First head is done. Pushrod holes are now oblong and should be good for 1.65 rockers. 7/16" BBC studs are already ready to go. 5C-7 heads - A.I.R. castings evidenced by the extra freeze plug and air passages. On a 455 that is 0.040" over and 0.020" down in the hole, should be good for close to a 9.2:1 compression ratio, which should make the motor scoot along with the proper cam choice.

Second head is done. Wire wheeled both of them to remove all the nastiness of grime and gaskets that probably hadn't ever been removed before. Both heads were coated in PB Blaster and put away in a plastic trash bag to keep out dirt and critters.

So far not too bad! Just need to finish preparing the block and replace the rod bearings in it. No evidence of a rod knocking so far in any of the pistons. Clean the pistons up, new bearings, new timing chain, new cam, lifters, and pushrods and it should be ready to be broken in!

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Last updated July 11th, 2012