Work Round 5 - 08/19/2012

Finalizing everything on the engine today is the goal. Need to finish up the valvetrain and valley pan and then the engine is ready to break in.

With the push rod and rocker set up and max lift applied, the rocker tip doesn't move and is nice and straight on the middle of the valve head, indicating that the push rod length and rocker arm geometry are working together nicely. This is a good thing and will prevent bent pushrods or lack of compression due to no valve movement.

Following Jim Hand's book on valve adjustment, valves are adjusted in pairs when the camshaft lobe is 180 degrees away from the lifter to ensure proper zero lash is determined. Poly locks are pretty nice too.

All rocker arms and push rods installed and lashed properly. Engine was rotated several times with oil pump running to ensure proper valve movement and no binding or difficulties. Of which there were none and the valves all moved as they should.

Push rods are lubricating as they should!

Other bank finally had all push rods oil - #1 and #8 always seem to take a while to get going.

Reapplied more assembly lube to the camshaft and lifters after rotating the engine around. With all the problems people report on break-in, can't take too many chances. Engine is now set at TDC #1 and will not need to be moved again until it's time to fire it up.

Clearancing the water pump divider plate for minimal distance and ensuring proper water flow.

Water pump installed. Sadly 2 of the aluminum threads are a little shaky, but the rest tightened down fine. Note liberal use of anti-seize making a mess.

Valley pan gasket is put down and tightened properly. Engine is now completely ready to break in once a set of valve covers and an intake are installed!

It's done! Nothing left to do but break it in and hope that everything goes well. I'm excited but quite nervous.

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Last updated August 19th, 2012