February 1-2, 2003 - Out With The Old...

Tim Taylor would be proud.  More power!  Argh!  Yeah.  455 cubic inches sits in the garage... awaiting to go into the Lemans...  Gotta get that old engine out first.

A rather tired Pontiac 350.

Jack up the car.

Remove everything.  Get some sleep to prepare for the big day tomorrow when the engine is pulled...

Stop to admire handiwork.

Dress 455 on stand to save smashed hands and many curse words that will result from trying to do this with the engine in the car.

Enlist wife to help.

And poof, like magic it is in and ready to go (not).  The whole "get old engine out and put new engine in" took about 8 total hours.  The lining up took another 4 (considering I had never done it before, I consider that a record).  Getting it running on the other hand... gotta put alot of stuff on that engine first.

1972 Lemans

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