February 19th, 2003 - I Hate This Job Sometimes...

I hate it when nothing goes right.  This engine install went beautifully up until it was firing time.  Then it would start.  I jacked with it for almost 10 days before I finally got it to fire.  It's a good thing they pay me copious amounts of cash or I wouldn't be doing this (...or not).

Notes to self:

  1. Make sure you find ALL of the vacuum lines and plug them or hook them up

  2. Make sure you know what the EGR mounting equipment looks like before complaining about not having it

  3. Make sure you actually have the 2, 4, 6, & 8 cylinder plugs actually hooked up to the plug wires.  Lots of grief can be saved.

  4. Don't assume a starter is bad because it isn't cranking all the time.

  5. Don't wear nice jeans when you carry a battery near your leg.  Battery acid eats right through them.

  6. Rope and pulley systems are your friends for keeping the compressor out of the way when you are trying to get the engine in by yourself.

  7. If the screws that attach the fan to the water pump are different sizes they make a rod knock-ish sound that will give you a heart attack when the engine runs.

  8. Gas in oil is bad.

  9. Budget about 10x more time to take than you expected to have the car done by (I wonder what would have gone wrong if I actually had a deadline...)

  10. Ask lots of questions and don't be afraid to admit you suck at this (thanks John V. for all your help on the emission systems and vacuum lines explanations!)

The pictures below were shot with a flash so they don't show the motor running, but it is.  It smoked a bit, and the oil has enough gas in it to make it smell, so I get to change it immediately.

The pump plunger is leaking gas like crazy and the fan rattles because I used a too short screw spacer and caused the alignment to be off on my pulley system.  I get to fix it!  It will be child's play after timing adjustments and engine pulling.

Man this was an experience.  Just some more work here and there and it will be ready to drive.  Thanks to everyone over at Classical Pontiac for putting up with my ramblings and angst ridden whines and rants about quitting over this.  Next time it will be much easier.

1972 Lemans

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