New Brake Hoses - 06/03/2006

The brakes hoses in the Lemans were cracked and old (probably originals). Rather than wait until I am going down the freeway and a line gives out, I decided to replace them proactively.

New hoses! $15/each rather than $49/each like the station wagon's hoses...

Yeah, the old hoses are stretched a little too thin...

The old hose...

The old hose is removed. Two washers go between the bolt and the bolt and the hose head, one on each side.

New hose is installed!

The hose is removed from the passenger caliper.

New hose is installed on the caliper.

Old hoses. Not sure if there's a market for these. The replacements are VERY good.

The car is in the air!

This entire job took less than 30 minutes to do. Bled the brakes and everything worked beautifully. Good thing it was the ONLY job we had to do today. It was 92 in the shade and 98.8 in Steve's garage when we got done. It was HOT. The Lemans AC worked decently, but going up hills the temperatures creeped into the 220-230 range, so I shut off the AC and it ran in the 200 range (cylinder head temp sensor). Looks like I need more flow. Lincoln Mark VIII fan here I come! Sure it's overkill, but on a daily driver, I don't want to get caught with my pants down in bumper to bumper traffic in 100 and overheat. Being a 455 with AC, it needs good flow! Besides, then I can do the Grand Am if it works out...

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Last updated June 3rd, 2006