Heater Core - Day 1 - 06/20/2008

The heater core finally gave out on me on the way to work in April (a nice steam-whistle was heard plus coolant ran down the inside of the firewall). About that time I realized I should probably tackle the heater core since it had plugged up at Steve's when it sat outside for as long as it did. Today was prep day to get ready for the big day tomorrow.

Digging through my old photos, I found this one I took last 2 years ago when I did the blower motor. Of note is that the bottom bolt that requires disassembly of the inner fender to get to so that the heater box can be removed from inside the car is NOT installed. And there was much rejoicing.

I had to collect parts and was out of town for a week, so I put the Lemans in the garage. In less than a week look at what had moved in!

Not 1, but 2! These are mean widows, it was a feeding frenzy with junebugs that flew into their webs. I decided I didn't need them in my nice Lemans, so down they went!

New heater core in a box.

New AC control unit and harness for a water valve. No heater shut-off valve was used in 1972, but 1971 and earlier and 1973 and later used one. Who knows why. I figured it couldn't hurt to give myself the benefit of more cooling power of the AC, since it does get hot out here.

Fun times. Spiders killed, coolant drained, and new parts laid out ready for install.

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Last updated June 20th, 2008