Heater Core - Day 3 - 06/27/2008

I returned the faulty heater core, returned the incorrect water valve, and received a very nice heater core (hecho en Mexico) and a nice new water valve as well (tambien hecho in Mexico). I tested this new one with water and everything worked! Score!

Brand new heater core. Tubes are correct and everything.

Part number for the water valve. This is the normally closed valve until vacuum is applied (277601 is the normally open valve).

Heater core is mounted to the divider plate. Kind of tricky to place everything here. Looks like there may have been a seal around the heater core from the factory as there are some dried out black chunks of sealer still present. I cleaned off the corrosion and made everything nice and clean again.

Heater box is reassembled. The little rubber seal where the tubes come out is pretty wasted, but it should serve our purpose just fine. All the dirt and grime is removed and the slider door verified for ease of movement and proper functionality.

The heater box went in on the first try for the most part (unusual). Just line the tubes up with the holes in the firewall and make a few slight adjustments to get the screws in and it goes right in.

Bolts are re-attached. 3 nuts placed on, 1 gets to pretend it is hooked on since it is a bear to get to.

New hose for the return to the water pump. It was amazing the amount of coolant that came out of the block when I removed it. It just kept flowing and flowing...

New return hose installed. The date code for this hose is something like November of 2007 at 6:59.

Block hose is installed. There really isn't alot of room to work here... Very cramped.

Water valve and block hose installed. Yeah, it appears I put the valve in backwards. Going to need to correct that tomorrow.

It's amazing. It took less than 45 minutes to get all of this done. Tomorrow I finish the ductwork and dash installation and then test it to verify that everything works without leaking. Fun!

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Last updated June 27th, 2008