Interior Installs - Part 1 - 08/31/2013

Since I have a pile of boxes full of interior parts taking up room in the garage, I figured I'd put them back on. No sense leaving it all out and continuing to decay or get lost. I cleaned up all the mildewed parts with Simple Green and they all came out really nice. Unfortunately some parts are missing, but nothing too critical.

Passenger side door is done. I had to pull the regulator out to replace the power window motor. Now it goes up and down! I also reinstalled the window sweeps that someone removed and tossed in a bucket (not sure why). Door panel got wet at one time so it is warped and not in the greatest of condition (hence why I reinstalled it vs. leaving it to rot more). Hardware for the door pull strap went missing naturally. #8 screws (or #6s, can't remember) from the hardware store will fix that.

Driver's side done. Armrest is missing, nowhere to be found. Screws for it are still here though, so go figure.

Back seat reinstalled! Unfortunately the plastic pieces between the upper seat and the quarter panel are missing as well. Not too noticeable.

Console put back together! Car has all purple bulbs in it? The courtesy light package is pretty cool, even if someone chopped the passenger side off and let it hang. I taped up the leads.

Passenger side kick panel in! Fought to get the front-most screw in, but I eventually won! Put A-pillar trim back on too.

Driver's side kick panel installed, much easier. Driver's A-pillar trim was painted silver at one time for some reason...

Sun visor and rear view mirror installed. Windlace went on right after this as did the cover for the mirror bracketry (for the record I LOVE this mirror setup vs. the stupid glued on tab).

Yay! All seats installed, all trim, windlace (except for rear window since it leaks). Took the opportunity to install the dash mounts and grounding bolts since it was hanging by a thread. Dash is now solidly mounted and probably will even have the lights and stuff work right now.

Interior install! Minus headliner, package tray, and carpet. But hey, it's all put back together so I should be happy because now people can go for a ride with me. Except that the fuel pump died, so now the car doesn't run anymore. Sweet! Gotta wait a few paychecks to get that fixed.

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Last updated August 31st, 2013