New Battery Cables - 12/24/2004

I keep having to clean battery terminals on this car. Fighting crud day after day is annoying as crud (get it? a pun). So it needs new cables. And not the cheap Autozone more-insulation-than-wire garbage either. I need massive current carrying capabilities to move my 455. New battery and new cables are the only fix.

Yeah. Bad.

Crimping lugs are nice, but the crimpers are very expensive. So I am going to solder them on. 2 gauge cable and big lugs. Oh yeah. Propane torch is what I used, soldering iron is just for show.

Solder the terminal on as well...

Yeah. All made. New battery cables run $10-15 each from the parts houses and are crap. These cost $5 for the materials for both and are solid and better made than anything you can get from the parts house.

New battery, new cables. It's all good! Now I just need to clean up the core support and battery tray... and engine... and inner fenders... and...

Now that we have the car jacked up, might as well replace that completely crappy plastic tube to the gauges from the engine with a solid copper line. No reason in the world to put plastic near the exhaust manifolds, but Sunpro obviously thinks it's a good idea.

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Last updated December 24th, 2004