The New Engine! - Part -5 - 04/20/2019

For the sake of completion here is the final bit of work that goes into getting an engine ready for install.

The correct intake gaskets are obtained - Rock Auto closeout, $6/ea! I bought more than a few... PCV grommets from AutoZone were also on sale and I bought 4.

Intake goes on! So much easier to do this when the engine is out of the car...

The intake bypass tension bolt is installed after all of the other bolts are in but not tightened down. Plenty of anti-seize is used.

Tightened completely down! Can't have leaks...

Distributor goes in, paint applied to area. Rotor is set ready to fire at 12 BTDC.

I love petcocks in the block to drain the coolant periodically. As much as people refuse to install them, Pontiac included them on their blocks in the 1950s to drain the block periodically (they also specifically said not to use salt water as coolant too, so times were definitely different).

Petcock on both sides.

The lifting eye is installed and all bolts torqued, then paint. It's funny to think of the factory using this hook to lift the engine but that's how they did it (with transmission attached!).

And we are done! Fully assembled and ready to install for break-in. An engine break-in stand would have been nice...

Getting the garage in shape to have the engine swapped is almost as much of a hassle as the engine building. Most of this stuff needs to get moved, the blue car outside in place of the Lemans and the stuff in the left bay over to the right bay.

...and of course the car decides to mark its territory with tranny fluid, power steering fluid, and what appears to be coolant. It's going to need more love than just an engine but we knew that...

Hopefully I can get things manuevered and cleaned up and then installed soon. The suspense is killing me.

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Last updated April 24th, 2019