The New Engine! - Part -7 - 03/17/2020

"Lots of little things to do and hook up but that shouldn't be too challenging."

Famous last words. Turns out... I had cancer. Diagnosed 3 weeks after my last update since I had been feeling bad. So I had to deal with that and car work got put on hold. This update is... almost a years worth of work that should have taken a weekend, but when you've gotten hospitalized and a giant chunk of you removed, it takes longer to get back into shape.

Start small. Start easy. Fuel lines.

Balancer pulley. Added water pump pulley and bolts to get them off of the table and out of the way.

Power steering lines! The old ones leaked like crazy.

A giant bag for this...


Power steering hoses and pump done!

Compressor, radiator, fan, alternator. It's boring stuff but it needs to be done.

Belts installed and tightened properly.

Installing harness to bellhousing.

The AC harness obviously needs some help...

Unique 3-prong temp sender that has TCS sensor in it as well.

Can't forget the star washer!

Negative battery cable. It's surprisingly in good shape for 16 years old and hand-made...

Heater hose and other misc stuff. It's boring. Lots of frustration of pain and lack of strength, plus forgetfulness of a year of cobwebs.

Coil wiring is done.

Now it's ready to go!

Except it's not. The battery is dead. Charging!

Long time coming... NOW cam break-in can begin!

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Last updated April 10th, 2020