The New Engine! - Part -8 - 04/03/2020

Break-in day is going to be a good day. No lie.

So it wouldn't start. Turns out the capacitor on the distributor had gone bad. I pulled the EMI shields off the distributor on the chance it was them too. Bumped the starter and the engine roared to life. It was such a great feeling.

I broke the cam in at 1400RPM to start and ramped it up to 1600, 1800, and 2000 for intervals.

Coil voltage. I got really upset at first because I'm dumb and was concerned it wasn't above 12.5V. But it's a points system so it isn't supposed to be! Duh. Alternator ran right at 14.4V so no worries there either.

Wow! Look at the water flow in that radiator! Water pump is obviously in good shape to move a ton of water at 1800RPM.

Here, have a video of cam break-in. Sounds pretty great actually. Never got overheated either.

Break in is done, engine covered back up. Oil change was followed up quickly. Oil had a lot of break-in lube but no metal or funny business other than that.

Hood is installed! It's like a car that can go places...

And it's done. A thing of beauty.

And all done in the garage. Since I'm having to move I have to get the car ready to move.

A video taken a few days later of walking around the car as it idles. Sounds pretty healthy.

Talk about long term projects. Whew. I'm just glad it's finished and the car runs again!

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Last updated April 10th, 2020