The New Engine! - Part 6 - 09/08/2007

The moment of truth has arrived. The engine is together and ready to be broken in.

Engine is bolted together and ready!

Have to keep things labeled to keep them organized...

Timing light, check.

No engine break-in would be complete without videos!

Initial startup


More running


Slight lifter tick, checking to verify oiling to top end (VERY nice).

Letting it run ~1200RPM for 30 minutes after break-in with new oil.

Temperature says a little over 180-190 range. Not bad for a motor with a 180 thermostat. The clutch fan was not great, but it still sucked air and cooled down quite well.

It's running!

More running.

We took an oil bath as we verified the lifters were pumping up and oiling properly. Slight tick from the exhaust valve on cylinder 8, but it will probably go away with time and clean oil. It's definitely oiling itself quite well.

After we break it in and change the oil (which came out quite dark) we run it for another 25-30 minutes to get it warm and get run-time in. The original filter was full of black gunk and WD-40, but the oil from the pan was VERY clean if a little dark.

Now that it's broken in and running great, it's time for paint! A little pressure washing and degreasing to get the oil off and stick it in the sun for 30 minutes and then hit it with paint!

Honestly not even the same engine it would seem.

Air cleaner for safety to prevent junk from getting in.

Look at that! All ready to go! Now it's just time to paint the valve covers - a nice set of stock ones with the oil drippers were located in Steve's pile and are soaking in the degreaser. After that, it will drop in very nicely to the engine compartment of the Lemans. And then we can get this car back on the road and in regular rotation (and finish the Trans Am).

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Last updated September 12th, 2007