The New Engine! - Part 8 - 09/29/2007

Engine is out. Time to clean the parts that need it and get everything ready to go back in. The shroud has seen better days and will need to be replaced. Steve is STRONGLY suggesting I have the radiator flow and pressure checked and rodded out if need be. It is only 8 years old, but there really is no reason not to do it while we have it out and will likely only cost $50 or so.

Pressure wash the transmission and engine!

Hey, it really IS aluminum colored! My shoddy 455 paint job is no match for Steve's pressure washer.

Engine compartment is done too.

Dirt, bugs, and junk flew out of the condensor when it was cleaned. This should help improve the quality of the AC cooling.

The upper support has 3 different types of paint and dirt on it, now it has much less. Chassis black with its emissions sticker shall be the wave of the future!

Cleaning the exhaust manifolds. Can't have leaks. Note the lack of the end bolt holes on each one. No idea why Pontiac did this in 1972, but they did. The '72 heads aren't tapped for holes either.

Mounting the manifolds. New gaskets were used and everything!

Passenger side manifold is installed. Proper AC dipstick is installed along with bracket. All brackets are cleaned and stripped of gunk and most of the factory paint (tough stuff).

Cleaning and prep work REALLY isn't THAT interesting, hence the lack of pictures. 4.5-5.0 hours of cleaning and degreasing. Luckily the brackets weren't too bad, but there sure are alot of them. It is all in the prep work to make them last another 35 years without needing this again. All of the brackets now need paint, but the sun was going down when they were ready so no-go for painting today. Will resume that next weekend and hopefully get the motor into the car (REALLY ambitious there). Once the motor is in, it becomes child's play to get the rest of the car done because the hood can go back on and keep out tree droppings.

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Last updated September 30th, 2007