The Rescue - 07/9/2015

Vacation time in Texas! I dropped in to see how the work was going on the Lemans. Imagine my surprise when I found NOTHING had happened in this amount of time. And the shop was closed and no new work was being done. This isn't good... Apparently the shop was now out of business. A phone call would have been nice. I had to go and get my car and bring it home.

Not a good sign...

Just seems to have been frozen in time.

Trunk full of parts and dirt. And some surface rust...

All of the glass is missing.

So bad news. I have to get it ready to ship! I have to get it out of here! Well, only one thing to do is to attempt to put it together as best as possible and sort out the mess at home later on. That involved finding a lot of things like GLASS and hardware to hold it all together.

First things first, find the driver's door glass and get it installed and functioning. And installing the weatherstripping.

Closes and seals great. I had to hunt down the window sweeps because they weren't all installed.

Door weatherstripping installed.

Passenger door glass and regulator installed and bumps and stops adjusted.

Weatherstripping on door installed too.

Seat belts are sorted... but 2/3 of the bolts are missing. Swell. At least the retractors are present and their bolts are good. The driver's front seat belt is stuck fully extended and the passenger rear seat belt is stuck fully retracted too.

Quarter panel inner is installed after putting package tray down.

Other quarter panel rear hardware is in. Not perfect but enough to make the car functional for the time being.

Dad has been helping out, he's checking the back seats out for sturdiness. It's a tough job but someone has to do it!

Front seats are in, so car is ready to drive.

Driven outside of the garage and to a parking spot. Fired up without issue too with a new battery in it. Rather than risk a ticket from state troopers along the highway, we're calling a tow truck. Called 3 different mobile glass guys and all said they could get to it sometime in the next 2-3 weeks. Also not having a rearview mirror or any side mirrors or front seat belts is just BEGGING to get an expensive ticket.

On the trailer!

Secured for its journey to the garage.

In mom & dad's garage safe and sound.

Not what I planned to do on my vacation, but hey! Only took about 4.5 hours to put all of this together. Got a laundry list of missing parts that I had no clue of being able to ever find in the mess, so I'll have to get them later.

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Last updated July 29th, 2015