Smack! - 07/04/2013

Driving to work one morning in early June, a deer (large buck) decided to cross the freeway right in front of me. Rather than carrying on into the next lane and surviving, he forgot his luggage and went back into my lane and I hit him at about 65MPH head on. It caused some pretty serious damage.

Right after the collision.

Radiator shroud is pushed back a good 2.5" on the driver's side and angled pretty awkwardly. Getting this hood open took some serious doing.

Fender is buckled up and bent down in front, matching top of core support.

Grill assembly totally toasted.

Driver's fender is buckled and twisted at an angle.

And the steering box is bent over an easy 15 degrees. This is the frame arm. If I check it all out with old pictures and measuring, the frame front arms are bent towards the passenger side a good bit, so even if I can find another front end, I won't ever get it straight without visiting a frame shop and having them straighten everything back up.

Kind of a bummer. This is my first "me" car and I've owned it since 1999. You just don't have cars that you own that long unless you REALLY like them...

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Last updated July 4th, 2013