Stereo Install - Part 1 - 09/28/2013

One important thing to do before dad takes ownership of the yellow car: stereo install! His requirements are simple: sound decent without being obnoxious and support BlueTooth for his iPhone. Simple enough! I located a Jensen deck from Best Buy (who I still dislike and the trip did not change my opinion of) and ordered a nice set of 6x9 speakers and a 4x10 dual voice coil from RetroSound USA. I would have bought one of their modern nice in-dash replacement stereos, but the dash in this car is already chopped for a DIN so no sense trying to fab up something to fit. First job was to get the speakers installed.

You'll remember that the rear deck has been butchered badly for speakers for some reason. I had to take some tools and work the metal back into the rough opening shape that it should have been, since it has room for a 6x9 and mounting holes.

Lots of bending gets the speaker holes mostly back to normal.

Not completely, but the package tray will cover it up eventually anyways.

Marker was used for the holes to be cut initially I guess?

Both sides are installed. Bolts, washers, and lock washer combos.

The wires are run through the existing rear body conduit. This involves taking out the seats and carpet to do right, fortunately someone already took care of that for me.

Runs right along, up into the dash.

That was all for today. It was effort laying on your back and running speaker wires and installing speakers themselves.

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Last updated September 28th, 2013