Stereo Install - Part 2 - 10/10/2013

Time to continue the install and finish it up if possible. Cruising to tunes would be an excellent thing.

This is the vintage 10 ohm single front speaker. Millions of GM vehicles used it.

Speaker is out. Note the scale from humidity running unchecked for years. Bracket is a handy thing to have.

How the speaker looks. Interesting to see it has a rubber button to keep it from bouncing and vibrating against the screen. One of those little touches you don't see much of anymore.

The new dual coil speaker compared to the old one. Impressive to see how shallow the new speaker is, perfect for this application. Good design.

Comparing the original bracket to the included "universal" ones. Shouldn't be too hard to make it work.

Fit is tested and checked. So far it looks pretty good and fits nicely. I had to use a small sheet metal screw to keep it up... kind of ghetto I know, but it was the only want to keep it from flopping around. A smaller machine screw and washer would have done a better job but this was all I had.

Bracket trimmed and bent into the proper positioning.

Tools of the trade are necessary! Interesting to find is that the previous owner never cut any of the original factory radio plugs, so they are all there (all 3 wires of them, one of which was the speaker).

The speaker wires are soldered together and shrink tubing is applied. No clips, wire nuts, or splices for this car! The battery and switched source are brought over from the fuse box like they were factory.

And it's in and it works! Amazing! Clear tunes from all 4 speakers, and even better was I wired them all up correctly so the fader matches what you see on the screen vs. what you hear with your ears.

Stereo install is tough work! Glad it's done though, put the entire car back together and it's a nice cruising addition. Reception is good and the sound is great from the speakers despite everyone insisting you need a sub or ginormous speakers everywhere. A pair of 6x9s and a dual coil 4x10 up front are perfectly acceptable, even to someone who likes quality music. And it didn't break the bank and didn't require any serious modifications that couldn't be brought back to factory.

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Last updated October 10th, 2013