Window Replacement - 09/07/2013

When your car has a large crack in the windshield, you can get in trouble with the law not to mention it is just plain annoying. And when your back windshield has no spacers or trim holding it in place and is missing 60% of the adhesive that holds it down, you know you've got to take care of it. So I called a guy in Redwood City I've worked with before: Performance Auto Glass of Redwood City. He does quality work which is sorely lacking from many places these days...

Front windshield channel after removal.

Fortunately the cowl is in good shape and not too rotten or rusty.

Back window channel has a hole...

So does the other side! Oops. Oh well, not going to worry about patching this up, the window trim will keep most water out and the rest will drain into the trunk. A body shop could fix this, or this panel is reproduced between the glass and trunk.

You can see the thick layers of glue that were used to unsuccessfully hold the glass in place. I got to be on prep duty cleaning the heck out of this glass to get it ready for install again. Razor blades are your friend here.

And it looks all clean, ready to go back in almost.

Proper preparation of the channel is key. Rust preventer is put along the channel after all old adhesive and gunk is removed. New trim clips are also installed.

Back glass is in and trim installed. Whoever removed the trim before used a screwdriver and mangled it up pretty good. Fortunately Stacy is good and he managed to bend it all back properly and get it to seat like new.

Nice new piece of glass ready to go in.

Glass is in! I helped!

Trim is all in, covering everything up. Trim is extremely mangled, but definitely presentable.

Not bad for a decent price. Car should be able to drive around town without getting water in the interior. I can now put the cowl trim and windshield wiper assembly in, then the wipers back on. And maybe the vinyl top trim if I feel so inclined...

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Last updated September 7th, 2013