Work! - 04/22/2006

This car has sat for too long not being driven and enjoyed. With working AC, it's a damn shame. Steve suggested I bring out of mothballs, drive it around a bit, and take it to his place to give it the once over. After a little work here and there (loose starter, vacuum leaks, setting dwell on the points, etc) the car was running considerably better than it was. It was almost like a new car! The tires have some flat spots but they should drive out after 50 miles or so ;-)

Undercarriage. Gas tank has a leaky solder joint (or did in the past...).

More undercarriage. No floor rust or rot. Nice and black.

The oil filter from 2 years ago!

Just a little oily\dirty...

Speedometer cable housing with electrical sensor of some kind ('72 TCS I think...)

The exhaust has been rubbing here. Steve suggested we fix it so that it doesn't get worse and poke a hole or something.

This is the bolt that is the culprit!

Turn it around!

34 year old gear oil. Steve suggested changing this.

The 34 year old oil is removed to reveal a 2.79 rear ratio (39 / 14 gears I believe) and no metal shavings at all. Factory seal came off in almost one piece!

We're leaking oil like mad from this front seal...

...and here's why. A chunk of rubber is missing! No idea how that happened! Steve says this happens when your dumb self installs a harmonic balancer dry... A little grease and this thing goes right back on. No more leaking at idle in the driveway.

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Last updated April 22nd, 2006