AC Rebuilding, Part 2 - 05/07/2006

Less than two days after dropping off the Grand Am at Ronnie's Service Center, I get a call saying it's ready to go! I was impressed with how little time it took.

Ah! New compressor! $675.00.

Remanufactured VIR housing. $187.00 (at least you can still get one).

Only one worm gear with stretch fitting in the entire setup. Everything else is new crimped hoses.

Driving it home was an adventure. It was bitingly cold inside the car when it was running, and the heater even worked! They used 4lbs of R-12 refrigerant at $75/lb, so it better cool damn well! And it does. The temperature gauge didn't move anywhere off of what it was when cruising on the highway and regular driving on the drive home. But of course the true test of it's functionality will come when the summer heat comes around and makes it 100 outside.

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Last updated May 7th, 2006