Ducting, Part 3 of AC - 05/19/2006

The AC worked great in the car. Too bad I was missing a vent on the driver's side. This would not cool me (and cooled my legs excessively). This piece of ductwork was missing in my car! I hunted exhaustively for months, until finally squire john on the A-body Website had one. $25 later and it was mine.

So much trouble for so little plastic.

There's a hole there.

Unlike PREVIOUS A-bodies, the screws to this piece are on the outside of the dash (rather than the INSIDE) so it can easily be removed and reinstalled. The headlight switch was in the way (the duct snakes around it). Rather than bust it by forcing it, I just removed the headlight switch to gain extra clearance. I also took this opportunity to take a wire brush to the contacts and rheostat assembly to allow for better movement and no massive voltage drops (which result in dim lights). I also changed several burned out bulbs in the dash. And I also added a massive ground lug to the factory stereo ground line as when the headlights were turned on, a big ringing in synch with the RPM of the motor was present (and annoying). When reinstalled and tested, everything worked just fine without a ringing. The fuel, temperature, and oil pressure gauges also don't change when the lights come on anymore (let's hear it for good grounds!). I grounded it right to the steering column just like the tach.

Crossover duct is reinstalled.

Hush panel is put back on. This piece doesn't like to stay in very well, so it's probably going to fall out before too much longer. But the car looks so much classier when it is installed.

Ventilation to my left side is all love. Thanks John!

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Last updated May 19th, 2006