Cassette Player & Door Handle - 01/08/2005

Tired of having a broken handle, I had been on the look for one. My search had come up empty until Pete over at The Grand Am Registry had come upon a car that he was parting out. I finally obtained a good door handle from, but needed to put it in. At the same time, my wife had given me a modern cassette deck for the car, the last on the market that still fit this car that wasn't crazy expensive. I needed to wire that in as well.

Old handle.

Side by side. Notice a chunk missing from the left one.

A sticker and a number stamped in the door. Interesting for those who like to learn about their car's history and documentation.

It moves!

Look ma, no hands! The handle operates properly. w00t! Victory is won.

Gee. Lots of parts here.

The factory original radio I obtained previously...

Do a fit test before proceeding too much further. It looks good.

Wired up and in the car...

Hey! It works! Yay!

Device installed!

Properly tap in to a 12V spot in the fusebox and run the wire, rather than cutting and splicing like a "professional" shop would do.

w00t! It works! I have tunes! I can now sit in my driveway in the car and make vroom vroom noises while listening to actual music. Once the motor and transmission are fixed, I will have a cruising machine!

Better pictures might have been forthcoming, but it started pouring down rain halfway into this install.

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Last updated January 8th, 2005