Exploratory Surgery - 09/27/2004

What do you do when you have a new car that runs great but doesn't have a stereo, AC, or tachometer working? Wrong, enjoy it is not the correct response. The answer is to dig in to it and find out why!

Pretty colors. Not exactly sure if this year had the colors in the AC panel, most cars that I've seen that did were higher end.

The full gauge package. These are more accurate than any Trans Am gauge I have ever had, but that isn't saying a whole lot.

Tachometer... Nice if it worked. It doesn't. I think not having a lead to the distributor might have something to do with that... Going to have to trace it down and see if it was ever even originally there.

Goodie. Someone decided to cut up the floor\console lighting harness up to put a neat-o stereo in at one time. I'll have to remedy that. They also decided to snap the fiber optic line from this harness to the shifter plate, so you can't see what gear you are in when it is dark outside. Replacements are going to be an interesting search...

I think this dash is from a Grand Prix, as all Grand Ams came with consoles and this right hand mirror control was only added here (put in the console next to the "Grand Am" logo) if you didn't have a console like you could in the Grand Prix. And this car doesn't have the remote mirror.

Total time spent: 4 hours.
Total gauges fixed: 0.
Information gleaned: Alot.

It's going to need some work, but the good thing is it isn't as bad as it could be. I could have gotten windshield washer fluid all over me when I poured a gallon in to the jug only to find it was cracked at the base, oh wait that really did happen! Note to self: buy one washer fluid jug.

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Last updated September 27th, 2004