Door Hinge - 04/01/2006

Getting in the car one day and discovering your door hinge is missing some hardware is a sad feeling. Rather than let it get me down, I decided to do something about it!

Bah. Broken hinge.

A replacement hinge I pulled from a '73 Grand Prix 18 months ago, figuring I'd need it one day (looks like that day has come!).

Removing the hinge is fun, supporting the door is necessary.

The door gets to hang out while Steve and I get the new hinge ready to go.

The door jam! It isn't going to get too cleaned up since we want to remember where the door hinge is supposed to go...

"New" hinge is installed.

Door gets put back on.

Set door back up completely.

The door lines up pretty nicely.

It looks better than it did before we had to change it!

So it's ghetto. A junkyard hinge that isn't even the same color. At least it doesn't sag. And now the door opens smoothly and stays open. Steve suggested using 90W gear oil to lube everything up and now the door and lock are VERY smooth to open and close. It's yet another feature that makes the car "neat" to drive.

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Last updated April 1st, 2006