Factory Ram Air? - 06/19/2005

Factory ram air you say? It didn't exist? Technically you are right. But with the right original parts, you can get a non-sexy version of it on your car too! It will even help keep it running better...

Hook up the tubes like they should be!

Where does this go...?

Where the air comes in! Right by the radiator. It forces the air in to the air cleaner while driving and once the temperature has reached 105F via a sensor in the air cleaner. Before that, it lets warm air in from the air riser tube to warm the car up quicker. Nice!

Not sexy at all. The flappers would be cooler. But this actually works quite well. Temperatures have been down slightly since I installed this back up (since it's bringing fresh air in). Once I get the heater vacuum switch the car will warm up faster.

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Last updated September 23rd, 2005