Engine Rebuild - Part 2 - 03/11/2005

Received a call on Friday morning from Walt Bilt Transmission. My transmission was done! It looks VERY nice with all new parts: steels, bushings, bearings, detent switch, direct drum, intermediate sprag, and new heavy duty converter (~2000 stall). Looks very nice and Jr. did the work, he said it was in pretty bad shape. The best part is they had it disassembled and quoted in an hour after dropping off and had it finished in one day (had to wait for the converter for the next). Once the transmission gets mated to the motor (at D-Mac's shop), it will be interesting to see how much better it performs from a shifting perspective. I'm already anticipating better engine performance

Walt Bilt Transmission in Oceanside. The sea is 3 blocks west.

Pretty... if you can call a car part pretty. It's much cleaner than the pile o' junk we pulled out of the car.

Mac has the transmission and converter. The car was out in the parking lot with the hood up (likely being detailed). Nervous anticipation is setting in!

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Last updated March 11th, 2005