Battery Cables - Part 2 - 10/13/2018

I had put new battery cables on the car previous, but they were only top post cables. For some reason I ended up pulling them off and putting the original ones back on but it's been so long I can't exactly remember why. I think I was having starter problems and starter solenoid issues. Anyway... the starting situation on the car had degraded in the warmth leading to concerns about being stranded. I decided to replace the original crusty cables with new ones. This time I was going to make my own side mounted cables.

Old and crusty.

The mount at the block has seen better days.

New 2ga copper lugs and side terminal connections.

2ga lugs require a heavy duty crimping tool to get the job done!

And crimped! 35mm is the equivalent to AWG 2.

Negative cable is done!

Negative cable is routed and tested for fit. I slide it under the fresh air hose to minimize it hitting anything or getting caught in the control arm.

Positive cable comes out.

The corrosion is very evident here.

Positive cable snakes out the pipe and over to the battery.

I decided to upgrade the main power feed from the starter to the alternator since the original is quite... toasty. I wanted 8ga but 10ga was all they had. It'll do.

They actually had some lugs you crimp on then heat up and it solders the connection and seals it. Since this is going to be in a weathered area, this seemed like a smart idea... I have a fancy new heat gun too I wanted to try out!

New cables are in.

I was lazy and didn't remove the starter, just removed the starter heat shield and bracing. Everything is routed nicely.

Got car nice and hot (as hot as it could be for 62F outside) and it had zero trouble restarting. Woohoo!

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Last updated October 13th, 2018