Carburetor Rebuild - 01/17/2015

The carburetor hasn't ever been apart to my knowledge, and with today's modern fuel and a lack of a pump shot that is not good. So I sent away to Cliff to get the parts to do this one right with modern internals and new jets, metering rods, and mixture needles specifically calibrated to this engine.

Reference photo for the carb before removing it.

Carb is off and ready to go!

Off, some old gasket material to remove. Kind of black on one side but not the other...

Let's get to disassembling it! Notice the primary wells are completely soot black, this thing has been backfiring a while now.

Disassembled air horn. Factory type gaskets.

Air horn removed. All 4 tubes are still attached and no blocked passages.

Jets, rods, needle, etc all removed. Only some gas remains in the bottom. Well plugs aren't leaky which is a bonus.

After a good thorough brake cleaner spraying on every single component followed by flushing with hot water to remove any crud and junk. Things came out nice and clean!

All the new parts Cliff sent. Factory rods were 44 primary rods, 72B jets, and CR secondary rods. Idle mixture screws were 9 half turns out (4.5 turns). Baseline settings tend to be 1.5-2 turns out, so that's a bit excessive, but it seemed to run ok there. Cliff provided me with 42B primary rods, 73 jets, and DA secondary rods.

Putting it all back together.

New needles on left, originals on right.

Base plate with new mixture needles mounted to main body.

Jets, rods, power piston, float, etc all put together.

And it's all back together and ready to go!

Old gasket material scraped off.

Carb is installed and ready to go.

Amusingly it fired up within 3 seconds and went straight to high idle. When I'm good I'm good. 19" of mercury on the first try.

Setting the idle speed. I completely forgot to set this in Drive with wheels chocked so I got 21" of mercury but it is still pretty darn lean despite 3 full turns out. I'll bet with the wheels chocked and in Drive I'll get close to 4.5 turns out.

Ran out of gas again and gas can is empty, so I resume another day. It runs though and the choke functions as intended! 1.5 turns out for the mixture needles did not come close, had to fight nozzle drip on the idle adjustment screw until I backed it off. As I said I got 650RPM in neutral and 22" of vacuum, but it is still super lean and burns your eyes, not to mention pops when you mash it in neutral. Still need to richen up the idle circuit I guess and get some fresh (not 6 month old) gas in the tank. It runs and drives though, which is good!

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Last updated January 17th, 2015